We offer a wide variety of dance products in our studio.


Traditional Full Sole Ballet Slipper

Leather upper and suede sole, attached elastic straps. Cotton drawstring. Child and Adult sizes $25.99


Sansha Ballet Slipper

Excellent student split-sole slipper with canvas insert. Ultra-flat with pre-sewn elastics. Child and Adult sizes $27.99


Leather Split Sole Ballet Shoe

Hung cotton lining, cotton drawstring, suede sole patches and attached elastic strap. Child and Adult sizes $29.99


Bloch Balance European Pointe

Formed on a curved last that follows the natural contours of the foot providing comfort and injury protection. The generous platform encourages balanced weight distribution and can reduce pressure on individual metatarsals.The European Balance has a diagonal side seam which reduces satin creasing. $84.00


Girls Beginner Tap Shoe

Featuring a synthetic leather upper, ribbon laces and attached toe and heel taps. Child and Adult sizes $27.99


Boys Tap Oxford

Featuring a synthetic leather upper, plastic heel and cotton laces. Classic oxford design and attached toe and heel taps. Child and Adult sizes $27.99


Black Lace-Up Tap Shoe

Featuring a synthetic leather upper with a padded Achilles heel collar for comfort. The attached taps are secured to resonating sound boards. Includes rubber nonskid traction pad. Child and Adult sizes $40.00


CG09 Tap Shoe

Introducing the new and improved CG09 from Capezio. For the serious tapper- They have just made their most popular tap shoe better than ever. Featuring a full grain leather upper, leather sole and foam cushioned footbed. Other features include a sturdy toe box and a lightly padded collar and Achilles notch for added comfort. TeleTone Rayow tap allows you to tune your tap with an easy turn of the screw. Adult sizes 4 and up. $91.00


Breathable Polyester/Lycra And Sheep Skin

Breathable Polyester/Lycra and sheep skin upper with plush elastic topline. ExoArmor duet sole patches enhance articulation and provide traction. Suede heel patch, padded for comfort and shock absorption. Elastic straps and laces to customize fit and style. Adult sizes $27.99


Lace-Up, Split Sole Jazz Shoe

Made with high quality leather and a nylon mesh insert for maximum flexibility. Rubber heel and forefoot pad. Child and Adult sizes. $27.99


Suede And Nylon Mesh Split Sole Hop Hop Sneaker

With suede arch and squared box toe for superior toe stand ability. Child and Adult sizes. $55.00