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We Love The Teachers And The Facilities!

"My family is very happy with MacKinnon Royal Dance! We love the teachers and the facilities!"

- Joey Skatell

She Loves It

"My great-granddaughter take ballet classes here. She loves it. Seems to be learning a lot of things. Classes are small so individual attention so the best."

- Ramona Dell'Erba

My 3.5 Year-Old Daughter Loves This Place

"I love this place so far. More importantly (much, much more importantly) my 3.5 year-old daughter loves this place. Ms. Meredith is no crone with a staff and sharp words, she's a good person who clearly cares about dance, her students, people, and having fun. And it works. The price is right, my daughter is practicing of her own volition, and all of the other kids seem to be pretty dang happy too. Oh, and Ms. Meredith calls you back, like, promptly. It's incredible."

- Honor Posey-Marquez

LOVE The Class Sizes

"This is our first year with MacKinnon Royal Dance Institute and we have LOVED what we have seen! It means so much to me that my girls are learning the fundamentals so well that they are able to come home and share what they have learned with me!

I also LOVE the class sizes I feel my girls are getting more one-on-one time with their instructors and because of that becoming some pretty amazing little dancers and all in the course of a year! I would recommend this dance studio to everyone!"

- Heidi Stoehr

We Love This Studio!

"We love this studio! It is very affordable which is hard to find in a dance studio. My daughter loves princess ballet and is so excited for the next class levels!"

- Laura Baldwin

The Teachers Are Well Trained

"My daughter has been a student for a year and a half now in several styles. The teachers are well trained and great with the students. My daughter has always liked to dance. Before MacKinnon she was involved in a non-studio related dance team, which she loved. Joining MacKinnon has taken her dancing to the next level and she loves it that much more now. From the "mom" perspective, I love that Meredith (the owner) keeps costuming tasteful and modest, which can be a problem with other studios. The costs are in-line with area studios but I feel the value is greater because the class sizes are kept small and each student has the personal attention needed to keep them progressing at a rate that keeps them motivated and challenged."

- Cathi Chanslor